Web Development Using PHP

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Web Development Using PHP
Course Duration: 2 Months
Course Timings: Flexible
Course Fees:
Course Placement:

Course Pre-Requisite

Strong Knowledge of HTML ,CSS

Course Eligibility

All Engineering Graduates

Modules Covered

         Module A - Introduction to MYSQL Database Server
  • Database basics and Normalization
  • Introduction to web - enabled databases
  • Software Installation
  • Building a database on the MySQL database server
  • Backing and restoring databases
  • Querying for viewing/listing data MySQL

         Module B - Understanding PHP Programming

  • PHP Introduction
  • Variables , Operators in PHP
  • Conditionals PHP
  • Arrays, Array functions PHP
  • Loops PHP
  • HTML Forms
  • Handling HTML Forms

       Module C - Connecting MYSQL Database Server with PHP 

  • CRUD operations with PHP and MYSQL
  • Advanced Techniques - Pagination
  • Cookies and Sessions
  • PHP OOP's Concepts
  • Introduction to PHP Frameworks
  • Building entire Web Based Application